Dr. Goldenberg offers educational talks, workshops psycho-educational groups and presentations on topics related to healthcare provider and aviation mental health, addiction, burnout and wellness.


Dr. Goldenberg is eager to collaborate and educate your audience about cutting edge and evidence-based topics related to professional health.

Dr. Goldenberg engages audiences large and small. He is a frequent invited presenter at small to large medical groups, wellbeing committees, Grand Rounds, CME events, local and national conferences and other venues.

Some selected presentation and workshop topics include: 

  • Healthcare Provider Health

  • Healthcare Provider Suicide 

  • Healthcare Provider Substance Use Disorders

  • Healthcare Provider Burnout 

  • Improving Healthcare Provider Evaluations:

    • State of the Art Assessments

  • Improving Healthcare Provider Treatment:

    • State of the Art Treatment 

  • Smoking Cessation: Improving Outcomes 

  • Grief: How Unresolved Grief Can Negatively Impact a Professional 

  • Late Career Assessments:

    • Policies and Procedures for Age-based Screening

Dr. Goldenberg Speaking About Healthcare Provider Evaluation and Treatment at the 2017 ASAM Conference in New Orleans, LA

Dr. Goldenberg has Spoken at National and Local Conferences Including: 

  • The American Psychiatric Association 

  • American Society of Addiction Medicine 

  • California Society of Addiction Medicine 

  • The Alaska Psychiatric Association Annual Conference 

  • Federation of State Physician Health Programs

  • The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry

  • U.S. Journal Training, Inc. 

Dr. Goldenberg Featured in The Media: 

Dr. Goldenberg Speaking at UCSF on The Impact of Cannabis on Quality of Life at UCSF in 2017. 

Some selected psycho-educational group topics include: 

  • Addiction Medicine: A General Overview of the Disease of Addiction

  • The Difference Between Mental Health and Mental Wellness: How improving mental wellness can improve your recovery

  • Coping Skills: Moving from negative coping strategies to positive strategies to improve recovery

  • Cognitive Distortions: How your thoughts impact your behaviors and your risk of relapse

  • Sleep Part 1: Improving Sleep in Recovery with non-medication and medication treatment options

  • Sleep Part 2: Use of Relaxation and other strategies to improve sleep quality

  • Sleep Part 3: Changing habits and thoughts to improve sleep quality

  • Post-Acute Withdrawal and its impact on Recovery


  •  Relapse Prevention Strategies to Overcome Post-Acute Withdrawal


  • Putting it all together/Development of a Weekly Recovery Plan: Utilizing the Client Relapse Risk Scale

  • Family and Support System Development: The Importance of Developing a Support System During Residential Treatment 

If you would like more information about having Dr. Goldenberg speak at your event, please contact us.