Industries Served

Dr. Goldenberg has experience evaluating and treating healthcare providers, pilots and other motivated professional adults in a variety of industries. Dr. Goldenberg is an expert in helping professionals in safety sensitive roles stabilize and improve their mental health and obtain control of a drug or alcohol problem.


Safety sensitive positions such as physicians, and pilots, have higher levels of care and outcome expectations due to the concerns surrounding the safety of the public. Dr. Goldenberg has taken the benefit of decades of research and evidenced based treatment and applied the best principals, tools and methods to the benefit of his patients. Dr. Goldenberg customizes each evaluation and treatment plan for the industry in which his patient works.  

Healthcare Providers


Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists and all other healthcare providers work in safety sensitive positions and need a specialized treatment team.


Whether you are suffering from burnout, depression or trouble with drugs and alcohol we can help. Learn how...



Dr. Goldenberg is a HIMS trained psychiatrist by the FAA and has experience helping pilots safely get back to flying. In their safety sensitive role, pilots have specific needs and requirements beyond the general public.


If the problem is mental health and/or drugs or alcohol we can help. Learn how... 

Other Professionals


Despite being highly successful in all other areas of their lives many professionals suffer from depression, mood swings, anxiety or other mental health problems.


In many cases highly stressful and busy lifestyles leads to problematic and out of control drug and alcohol use. We can help, Learn how...

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